Horror and science-fiction is at the core of Midnight Grasp – we publish amazing stories by authors from around the world.

Who We Are

Midnight Grasp are a leading horror publisher in the UK. We are publishers of all genres of horror fiction in short-stories, novellas and novels. Our anthology is a compilation of short-stories and novellas release monthly. Horror publishing is one of the fastest growing genre’s in the UK. With classic horror authors bringing out some fantastic books on a regularly basis, you can be sure we have a story to suit your horror needs.

We publish all the main sub0genres of horror including; gothic, paranormal, sci-fi, survival, post-apocolyptic and more. If you enjoy horror, chances are we have many different books that will be perfect for you.

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Midnight Grasp Horror Publisher

The fastest growing horror publishing company in the UK

Our Books

We publish horror and science fiction stories from around the world. Our authors come from all backgrounds creating unique and diverse horror and science-fiction.

Midnight Grasp publishing is an independent publishing company that publishers horror and science-fiction. We love creepy scary horror stories and science-fiction stories that tkae you to a new world. If you have a horror or science-ficiton story that you think Midnight Grasp and readers from around would enjoy, please get in touch with us.

Our anthology of short-stories and novellas is a compilation of horror and science-fiction from some of the UKs leading authors. If you have a short-story or novella and you are looking for a british publisher you can submit your work with the form below. Our horror and science-ficiton anthology gets published every month and we are always looking for new authors to be published.

Indus Pt1

S.T. Mount is a new author to Midnight Grasp. Indus is his first novel which will be published as a trilogy. Indus is a horror/science-fiction story set in the far future. We are accepting pre-orders for a release date of May 2020.

We publish a range of titles every year from our book printer Barefoot Digital who provides a fantastic book printing service. All books that are printed and delivered to you will be fulfilled by Barefoot Digital to ensure you receive a wonderful and unique printed book.

If you want more information on publishing other books such as fantasy, thriller or or erotic fiction please visit Penrose Press.